Winter arrives every year. Are you prepared?


Winter arrives every year. Are you prepared?

Our mobile workforce is ready for Winter. Are you?

With maintenance professionals on hand to help you battle the elements, we help ensure you are always open for business. Saltworks’ proactive workforce offers end-to-end solutions to keep your property safe and accessible, regardless of the winter weather.

Saltworks can help your business, regardless of your location.

With depots in close proximity to all major towns and cities, we are the only commercial provider in Northern Ireland that can make this promise. 

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We are proactive, investing in Road Surface Temperature reports for the Winter season to ensure we are always ready.

We will agree a trigger with you, and once this has been met we will automatically service your premises. You don’t need to call.

Once we have made your business safe, our system issues an automated service report so you can be confident that we have protected you.


Salt works to -9C, but we have an alternative product should temperatures drop even further.

In icy conditions, we have products that will speed up the melting of affected areas.

By incorporating our dedicated 24-hour weather tracking, we avoid salting during periods of forecasted rain which will helps prevent any rain from washing away salts and causing dangerous conditions. 


Our proactive approach ensures salt is distributed at the correct time to maximise its effectiveness. Opening time is not good enough.

We are the specialists in salt spreading and snow ploughing. Trust us.

Our Services

New Fleet

We are proud to announce our new fleet of state-of-the-art Ford Ranger vehicles, salt spreading equipment and control systems that will maintain our position as best in market.

The new Saltworks Fleet ensures we have the capacity to deliver a best in class service efficiently and consistently for our customers.

Don’t get caught out

 When snow falls and ice covers, Saltworks will help clear the way. Our efficient service ensures your business will not be disrupted by accessibility worries. Don’t be caught out. Be ready and confident that Saltworks is protecting you,your staff, visitors and your business. From small family-run businesses to large hospitals and universities, we are the go-to for businesses in Northern Ireland.

Our Promise


We have Northern Ireland’s largest fleet of professional snow ploughing/salting vehicles. We continue to grow, to ensure that our impeccable service record is maintained with increased demand.


Our service will never be disrupted.


We will not be disrupted by regular national salt shortages, thanks to our strong supply.


All Saltworks team members are introduced to your site and trained accordingly, tailoring our approach to reflect your needs. Only the highest-quality professionals represent Saltworks.